Manufacturing Capability

World-class manufacturing capability and flexible capacity

With extensive manufacturing experience & certified quality assurance systems, our Poland & China manufacturing centers guarantee quality & on-time delivery of your solutions. Ferroxcube complements its design strengths with its world-class manufacturing centers and both are fully capable of meeting your manufacturing needs.

Lean manufacturing is a proven approach to reduce waste and streamline operations. Our expertise and lean manufacturing gives us the ability to design a program that delivers on your goals. It also embraces a philosophy of continually increasing the proportion of value-added activity of our business to survive in a global market that demands higher quality, faster delivery and lower prices.


Our manufacturing centers utilize a customer-driven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to achieve high flexibility and just-in-time response. Ferroxcube has built up a strong engineering design base, and flexible production. Each manufacturing base focuses on its production expertise, with this dedication, we’re able to deliver products of better quality and faster.

Within Ferroxcube, quality is the way of life. Our quality policy is :
  • Fulfill customer requirements to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Implement proper training for employees to deliver superior quality
  • Communicate quality policy to all employees to promote awareness and conformance across the board
  • Enforce strict adherence to the Quality Management System requirements of ISO at all times