Global Logistics

With Our Global Reach, We Provide Prompt Local Delivery

Ferroxcube's Logistics Service gives you the flexibility to bring your products to market on time, simplify your logistical networks, and enjoy a timely return on your investment. In our pursuit of the top spot in the ferrite industry, we've established a stable globalized network of 12 branch offices, 2 warehouses/ manufacturing bases. That means customers can obtain our diverse line of ferrite products, along with Ferroxcube service, quickly and efficiently, wherever they may be.


ferroxcube_services_img1 Skierniewice, Poland

FERROXCUBE in Poland, also named Ferpol, started operations at the end of 1998, having an output of 5 kilotons of ferrite products. Ferpol is delivering the full range of soft ferrite cores. It also produces Nickel-Zinc and Manganese-Zinc powder of 10 kilotons capacity.

ferroxcube_services_img2 Dongguan, China

FERROXCUBE in Dongguan started mass production in July 2001. The production capacity has been growing rapidly over the years – the current output is around 8 kilotons – and is still expanding. The production site is located in Dongguan city, Qingxi town and close to our customers in the Guangdong province and Hong Kong. This enables us to deliver our ferrites by truck within hours, making a very short door-to-door leadtime possible.

11 Branch Offices Globally


Ferroxcube has manufacturing operations, sales offices and customer service centers all over the world. Dedicated sales teams globally representing Ferroxcube in all three regions – America, Europe and Asia Pacific – we have a regional sales office or scattered strategically over the area a number of customer service centers. In order to better serve customers, we also have distributors, manufacturing representatives all over the world.