Design Tool


Ferroxcube software design tool (SFDT 2010) assists design engineers in optimizing their magnetics components.

Targeted to specific applications, each software package offers a core selection routine and contains online Help to guide design engineers through the selection and optimization process.

Additonal references are included to assist with more involved designs.

Download (Windows XP only)


Steinmetz coefficients are avaialble in following file :

Steinmetz coefficients



Frenetic is a web platform for designing and prototyping magnetic components.
Theoretical calculations and real measurements are processed by artificial intelligence to provide an optimal design,
which is built, tested and sent to the user in just a few days.
Ferroxcube and Frenetic have signed a partnership agreement which will greatly benefit the customers of both companies.
The Frenetic platform includes very accurate data relating to Ferroxcube's materials, along with a combination of advanced theoretical models
and real world measurements which provides customers with the optimal design for their magnetic.
In addition, Frenetic customers enjoy exclusive access to brand new materials developed by Ferroxcube,
which are not yet available on the market and also faster sample building and rapid access to mass production if required.
Visit Frenetic at