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PCN_F03/2015 - Drawing update CPV-RM51S-8PD-Z
PCN_F04/2015 - Drawing update Clips to ETD-cores
PCN_F06/2014 - Iron Powder Material 2Pxx series
PCN_F05/2014 - Cores from Alloy materials
PCN_F04/2014 - CPHS-EFD15-1S-10P drawing adaptation to reality
PCN_F03/2014 - TUB3.5/4.1/3.3-4A11 Al value change
PCN_F02/2014 - WBC products documentation change
PCN_F01/2014 - Gapped toroids in material 3C20
PCN_F04/2013 - Withdrawal of material 3B8 and replacement by material 3C90
PCN_F03/2013 - Discontinuation of listed bobbins with in-moulded pins by Q I 2014
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