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Signal Processing

The main application areas for signal processing are telecom filters, proximity sensors, wideband signal transformers, pulse transformers and delay lines.

For filter and sensor applications, it requires medium permeability, low loss and high stability over periods of time. For wideband signal transformers which are frequently used in communication systems and digital networks such as ISDN and DSL, high permeability are needed.

In many electronic devices, it is necessary to delay pulses for a short, well defined time. The delay time is determined by the saturation flux in the ferrite core and the applied voltage. Requirements for the material are: high pulse permeability and high saturation flux density.

  • MnZn
  • NiZn
Material µi at 25 ° C Bsat (mT) at
25 ° C (1200 A/m)
Tc(° C) p (Ωm) Ferrite type Remarks Datasheet
3B46 3800 ≈ 545 ≥ 255 ≈ 10 MnZn High DC bias download PDF
3B7 2300 ≈ 440 ≥ 170 ≈ 1 MnZn Temperature stable download PDF
3D3 750 ≈ 380 ≥ 200 ≈ 2 MnZn High freq filter download PDF
3H3 2000 ≈ 360 ≥ 160 ≈ 2 MnZn Low freq filter download PDF
Available core shapes: PH, RM, EPX