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Ferroxcube ferrites have achieved great penetration in renewable energies market thanks to its leadership in materials and shapes. The constant adaptation to the latest technologies is one of our main assets. Besides, we are working to offer outstanding solutions for the forthcoming development and expansion of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind power and smart grid.

Gapped Toroids

  • Material : 3C20
  • Flame retardant in accordance w/ UL94V-2
  • High permeability for Hall

E Cores

  • Material: 3C90, 3C92, 3C94, 3C95, 3C96, 3C97
  • Wide range of core shapes, sizes and accessories available
  • for power transformers

PM Cores

  • Material: 3C90, 3C94
  • Maximum magnetic cross section
  • Large volume cores
  • for power inductors