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Ferroxcube provide highly reliable ferrites for the electronics content in consumer applications, not only to enable more powerful features but also to save energy.

With the ever increasing intensive use of electronic equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) has become an important item. Ferroxcube has a full range of ring cores, beads, multilayer suppressors and inductors, and cable shields to suit every application.

E Cores

  • Material: 3C90, 3C92, 3C94, 3C95, 3C96, 3C97
  • Wide range of core shapes, sizes and accessories available
  • for portable devices, battery packs

PQ Cores

  • Low profile power shapes
  • Material : 3C95, 3C96
  • for Set-top-Box, LCD TV

EMI Ferrites

  • EMI filters, including rods, tubes, multihole cores and beads
  • High impedance level over a wide range of frequency