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Ferroxcube has professional technologies of soft ferrites for industrial solutions, such as ballast systems, automation. You can find special features on our website that distinguish our products for use in Industrial applications.


  • High frequency (13.56 MHz) RFID Tag
  • High magnetic permeability enhances the performance of winding
  • for asset tracking, process control

ETD Cores

  • Material: 3C90, 3C94, 3C95, 3C96, 3F3, 3F31, 3F35, 3F36
  • Lowest weight and volume for throughput power
  • for ballast systems

U Cores

  • Material: 3C90, 3C91, 3C94, 3C11, 3E27
  • Maximum transmissible power
  • for power supplies, SMPS, UPS