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Integrating ferrite cores into the PCB has become common in the power supply market. Ferrite cores are considered a key component for these targets.

Plannar ER Cores

  • Material: 3C92, 3C93, 3C94, 3C95, 3C96, 3F3, 3F35, 3F4, 3F45
  • Flat mounting height
  • Board integrated
  • for DC/DC converter

EFD Cores

  • Material: 3C90, 3C94, 3C96, 3F3, 3F35, 3F36, 3F4, 3F45
  • Wide range of core shapes, sizes and accessories available
  • for power transformers

EQ Cores

  • Material: 3C94, 3C96, 3F35, 3F36, 3F4
  • Round center pole, outer legs with a radius
  • for power transformers, driver transformers