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Telecommunication is the first important branch of technology where ferrites have been used on a large scale. Today, against many predictions, it still is an important market for ferrite cores. Most important applications are in filler inductors, pulse and matching transformers. Ferroxcube offers outstanding technologies and products for telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

You can find special features on our website that distinguish our products for use in telecommunication applications.

P Cores

  • Material: 3C81, 3C91, 3D3, 3H3, 3E27, 3F3
  • Round center pole, outer excellent magnetic shielding
  • or filter inductors and power transformers

EPX Cores

  • Material: 3E55, 3E6, 3C94, 3C96, 3F35, 3F36
  • Increased centre pole area
  • Same performance as EP cores in a smaller volume
  • for ADSL, wide band applications

EP Cores

  • Material: 3C94, 3C96, 3F35, 3B46, 3E55, 3E6
  • Cubical design for dense packing
  • for pulse and signal transformer